What We Stand For
Who We Are
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What We Stand For

Sunshine House has enjoyed a long history in Hong Kong as a vibrant and nurturing chain of educational preschools committed to providing the best care for young children. Founded in 1990 by Karen Ferris Cole, Sunshine House offers a well structured curriculum and programming that is developmentally appropriate for young learners in Nursery, K1, K2 and K3. Sunshine House is an international preschool with a bilingual option. Our focus is to provide a holistic approach to early childhood learning and development.

Built around the philosophy “for the love of children”, Sunshine House gives children the very best start in life, anchored in love.


To enable them to achieve their full potential in all areas of their development.


To complement and support their child’s learning through open and consistent communication.


To recognize and develop their expertise and promote a workplace that they love.

We aim to:

Develop a positive attitude toward learning and a proper respect for others through a happy, caring and relaxed environment
Develop excellence and quality through a broad, stimulating and well balanced curriculum
Provide opportunities that encourage each child to follow their natural curiosity and interest in the world, as well as develop awareness of different cultures and lifestyles

Who We Are

Sunshine House offers an inclusive, welcoming and attractive learning environment with well qualified staff and a stimulating curriculum that creates an ideal pre-primary setting where children “learn to love learning”.

This approach to teaching and learning reflects our focus on each child’s personal development and is an integral part of our effort to realize our nine guiding principles:

To address each child’s intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical development.
To offer a range of learning opportunities, helping students acquire skills and competencies across a diverse range of areas.
To strive for consistency and continuity.
To foster in students a respect for the rights and needs of others.
To encourage students to value achievement in all aspects of life and to strive for excellence.
To promote working with and helping others.
To encourage children to be receptive to learning.
To provide a safe, structured and caring environment conducive to working and learning.
To encourage parental participation in the education process.

By working toward these principles, Sunshine House can successfully bridge the gap between home and primary school. We make every effort to provide a happy, secure environment which focuses on the child’s need for security, love, care and attention.

What We Do

Sunshine House has developed a thematic, cross-curricular approach to early education. Our students explore a wide range of subjects through active participation in individual, group and whole class activities:

Arts and Crafts
Health and Personal Development
Music (movement)
Reading (storytelling)
Talking and Listening
Environmental Studies
Physical Education
Structured Play

Each child is unique and develops at his or her own pace. We ask that parents trust us to recognize the signs which indicate that a child is ready to begin to read, write and learn the basic concepts of mathematics, science and music.

At Sunshine House, we believe that education is a process - a step by step lifelong progression - and building a proper foundation for this process is our goal.

Bilingual and Putonghua Immersion

At Sunshine House, we strongly believe in the opportunity for bilingual groups and total immersion in Putonghua. Living in Asia presents a unique opportunity to develop the language area of a child’s brain during the most critical period of development.


Starseeds is a bilingual program for children aged 5-6 years and helps to prepare them for the next step of their journey as they wait to begin primary school.

Taught in a small group environment and with wonderful trained teachers, this is a very special program!

We follow the British National Curriculum which we have enhanced to include specific Asian components in areas such as geography and multicultural awareness, providing relevant and challenging learning to all children.

In addition to the essential learning skills for reading, literacy, numeracy, art and design, English, geography, history, music, physical education, environmental studies and Putonghua, our Starseeds serve as role models and buddies for the younger children in the school. This encourages them to take greater personal and moral responsibilities and gives them the skills that will set them up for life.

Our Starseeds also learn about important human values in life and demonstrate them with their teachers and peers, which in turn builds self confidence, self worth and global awareness.