Mother Goose (Adult Accompanied Playgroup)
What Do Students Learn
Sunlight & Skylight (Pre-Nursery)
Rainbow & Starbright (K1)
Cloudview (K2) & Starseeds (K3)

Mother Goose (Adult Accompanied Playgroup)

Play is a vital part of a child's life. It is the way children make sense of their world. Therefore, play is essential if children are to learn.

Purpose of Sunshine House Playgroup

1 Stepping stone before Nursery/school
2 Introduction to social groups
3 Introduction to learning away from the home

What will the children do in Playgroup?

There are lots of activities such as arts & crafts, singing, dancing, story time, outdoor playtime, English and Putonghua planned as part of their curriculum.

Basic Playgroup (12 - 20 months)

2 Days/Week Programme : 9:00 am - 10:30 am or 10:30 am - 12noon (Tuesday and Thursday)

Advanced Playgroup (21 – 30 months)

3 Days/Week Programme : 9:00 am - 10:30 am (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)


We offer Bilingual classes (English and Putonghua) for our Nursery and Kindergarten programs for 2 – 6 year olds. The daily Putonghua session lasts around 40minutes; the focus remains on the Literacy and Numeracy programs which are delivered in English.

We follow the British National curriculum and The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Sunshine House with more emphasis on creativity and specifically tailored for children’s multi-cultural experience living in Hong Kong.

Our early literature program is delivered through the Oxford Reading Tree and the Jolly Phonics programs. Additionally, we place a great deal of emphasis on preparing our children for their Primary One admissions, teaching them our “Sunshine Values”, helping them with self-esteem and confidence, and moulding them into the Global Citizens they will become.

Upon completion of their pre-school years, our children progress to international schools or local schools; we have an excellent track record of children moving on to primary schools of their choice.

What Do Students Learn

Through play, children:

explore their world through sensory play
find out how to get along with others
become competent enough to try different activities
develop self esteem

Children learn:

problem solving
persistence and concentration
the value of curiosity
self confidence
attitudes and values
self motivation and self direction

Sunlight & Skylight (Pre-Nursery)

Our Pre-Nursery classes are for children from 2-3 years, who are ready for a structured environment. Our main objective is to help the child be independent, follow classroom routines, develop their concentration skills and learn to positively interact with others. 

Rainbow & Starbright (K1)

K1 classes are for children aged 3-4 years of age. The main objective is to continuously help them to strive to be independent and confident in exposing language and communciation between friends and teachers, to develop their fine motor and gross motor skills with focus on literacy and numeracy.

Cloudview (K2) & Starseeds (K3)

K2 programme is for children aged 4-5 years and K3 classes are for children aged 5-6 years and these help to prepare them for the next step of their journey as they wait to begin primary school.


In addition to the essential learning skills for reading, literacy, numeracy, art and design, English, History, Music, Geography, Physical education, Environemntal Studies and Putonghua, our K2 and K3 children serve as role models and buddies for the younger children in the school. This encourages them to take greater personal and moral responsibilities and gives them the skills that will set them up for life.