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2021.07.20 Suspension of Summer Camp Classes -20th July 2021
2020.10.13 Due to the tropical cyclone warning, all classes are suspended today
2020.09.01 1st Term Begins
2020.07.06 Sunshine House Summer Camp 2020
2020.03.23 Extension of Class Suspension until further notice
2020.02.25 Extension of Class Suspension till 20th April 2020
2020.02.15 Cancellation of School Picnic
2020.05.07 Mother's Day Celebration
2020.05.08 Mother's Day Celebration
2020.05.15 Parent Teacher Consultation
2020.06.11 Father's Day Celebration
2020.06.19 Graduation Ceremony (TBC)
2020.06.26 Last Day of School
2020.06.12 Father's Day Celebration
2020.01.31 Deferral of Class Resumption for Schools
2020.01.27 EDB Announcement on extension of Chinese New Year Holidays
2020.01.23 Chines New Year Celebration
2020.01.06 2nd Term Begins
2019.12.20 Professional Development Day for Teachers
2019.12.19 Annual Christmas Party
2019.12.13 School Music Concert
2019.11.29 Community/Environmental Event
2019.11.18 EDB Update on School Closure
2019.11.17 EDB update on School Closure
2019.11.15 Parents' Open Evening
2019.11.14 EDB Update on School Closure
2019.11.13 Special EDB Announcement on school closure
2019.11.11 Special Notice for Parents
2019.10.31 School Halloween Party
2019.10.26 School Open Day - Discovery Bay Campus
2019.10.19 School Open Day (Clearwater Bay & Tung Chung Campuses)
2019.09.02 Due to the tropical cyclone warning, all classes will be suspended today
2019.09.02 1st Term Begins
2019.08.01 Due to the tropical cyclone warning, all classes will be suspended today
2019.07.08 Summer Programme Begins
2019.06.17 Graduation Ceremony
2019.06.13 Father's Day Celebration
2019.05.09 Mother's Day celebration
2019.04.29 3rd Term Begins
2019.03.30 School Open Day (Tung Chung Campus)
2019.03.23 School Open Day (Clearwater Bay & Chi Fu Campus)
2019.03.15 Parent Teacher Consultation
2019.02.16 School Interview Day
2019.02.01 Chinese New Year Celebration
2019.01.26 EDB's announcement on school closure under seasonal influenza
2019.01.07 2nd Term Begins
2018.12.14 School Music Concert
2018.11.05 Parents' Open Evening
2018.11.01 Due to the tropical cyclone, all classes will be suspended today
2018.10.31 Halloween Celebration
2018.10.27 School Open Day
2018.09.20 Lantern Design Competition
2018.09.03 1st Term Begins
2018.09.18 Due to the impact of strong typhoon, the Education Bureau announced that school will continue suspend classes on Sept 18 (Tue)
2018.09.17 Due to the bad weather conditions brought by Typhoon Mangkhut, the Education Bureau announced that all school classes will be suspended on Sept 17 (Mon)
2018.06.28 Interview @ Expat Parent Magazine
2018.05.30 Graduation Ceremony at Clearwater Bay campus
2018.05.11 Mother Day's celebration at Tung Chung
2018.05.11 Parent-Child Yoga session on Sunshine House's Mother's Day.
2018.09.03 2018-2019 School Year begins
2018.07.09 Summer School begins
2018.05.10 Mother Day's celebration at Pokfulam
2018.06.22 Graduation
2018.06.29 Term 3 ends
2018.04.09 Term 3 begins
2018.03.29 Easter Party
2018.03.02 CNY Flower Shop at Pokfulam
2018.03.02 Chinese New Year Performance
2018.02.08 Sports Day
2017.12.06 Firemen visit
2017.11.28 Parent Open Evening

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